2Dollar Wave Team Building Project Next Steps

Thank you New Team Mate for signing up and upgrading at 2DollarWave…
My name is Coach Kris Ellis and I am the Task Force Commander of the Task Force Echo 2 DollarWave Team Building Project.
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Advertising is our main source for referrals. Contact Coach Kris at teamechomarketing (at) gmail dot com  for your Team Promotion link to contribute 500 hits to our team promotions.
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Team Rules below!

This is an explanation of how the Task Force Echo 2DollarWave system works!

1. You join our team – Task Force Echo @2DollarWave by investing $2.00

2. We place you in a collective advertising system/rotator – FREE

3. Everyone in the team, a group of 5 more or less, advertise together, one common splash page to gain prospects…

4. To be eligible for signups you need to maintain 500 hits a week, or more every week, until you get 4 placements under you.

5. Your team leader monitors your hits..If you don’t hit your quota, you get no signups sent your way. I send out a Newsletter each Sunday afternoon with the results. Each team member is listed with their hit count so the whole team knows where the hits come from.

6. If you do your share of the advertising, you can expect to get your first 4 signups in the course of reasonable time. 

So team advertising benefits all..Your team leader coordinates everything, and works hard to get you started.

Once you get your 4, we then teach you how to become a team leader, set up your own rotator, and you will be off and running, exploding your business. 

We never abandon you and always help, and train.  We will always be available for you.

 We have no competition out there…Nobody, absolutely nobody offer this for FREE !

Coach Kris Ellis

Task Force Echo Commander




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