Sixty Days to Christmas Cash

Building a Team has not been easy over the past 12 months here at Task Force Echo Command Center. We have went through different trials and tribulations. Experiencing alot of turbulence and promises from naysayers who claim they want to earn a decent income online but fail to share with you the small print. That they are not committed team mates which only believe in the microwave effect of online marketing.

These people rather shovel money into HYIPs, RevShares and other hyped up programs that promise you riches over night. When they encounter a project where they are asked to do hard work. They come into your program howling but leave out in the middle of the night in a desert storm like a Ninja on a mission.

These are the people who don’t respond to emails when ask to approve payments in Pays4Ever which led to us coming to different halts within the Pays4Ever Team Building Project. I mean what kind of person don’t check their email to approve payments? Especially when the money is sent ahead of time and all you have to do is log in, hit approve and then go about your business. I just shake my head.

We told ourselves maybe an automate program will work to get the lazy people out the way so we can push true working towards that #18Kin90Days.

Come to find out that the program 2DollarWave was not built for you to cycle throughout the program without giving up your first 10 children, a arm a leg and then your future great grandchildren, just to cycle out anything above Wave 3. We read the directions and it says “direct Referrals” but in any matrix  your spillover suppose to help you.

We guess wrong as 2DollarWave gives you hope cycling Wave 1, Wave 2, let you cycle a Tsunami or Tidal Wave level. But after that you have to damn near commit murder to push through any further. I may exaggerate a bit here in these last couple paragraphs but this program is not built for you to win.

At last here is hope after surfing and sending out emails through safelist programs. I had a conversation one late night with a team mate of mines who introduced me to Cash Wave. I thought it was a 2DollarWave remix when I first heard the name.

It was not….It started to read as a simple plan with a straightline matrix compound by a 1×2 cycle process. Meaning that every 2 people you recruit it cycles you and pushes the entire “ladder of the matrix” upwards to cycle others above you. I couldn’t believe what i was reading.

So I ask about more information and how to get in contact with the admin. I was introduced to Ginger Howells via email and she invited me to her skype room. We chatted and as I watch people cycle after cycle as she posted the daily results for that evening while chatting with me. The light bulb went off.

Maybe this was it, maybe this can be the Christmas program to help bless our team mates. With little promotion and sharing with a few team mates after I joined by investing $6.00. Read my blog post on how to join our Team Building Project:

I was amazed, my Team Leaders was amazed as we joined one after the other and cycling was taking place. We had only placed our toe in the Cash Wave water. To this day people are still cycling like crazy and we are only 50 Team mates deep into the program.

Now I shared all of that to say this to you. After every storm there is a Rainbow. Its time you joined us to catch this Cash Wave. Let us help you ride out the feeder program on 2 levels by investing $6.00 into 1 Typhoon position at $2.00 and 1 Kringle Position at $4.00.

For only Six Bucks Task Force Echo Team is going to show you how to turn it into $800.00 by Christmas. If you haven’t sang the song Jingle Bells in Years. Its time we all go and sing Christmas Carols together over the next 60 Days as we share how great this program is going to treat us.

The admin Ginger Howell works as hard as our Task Force Echo admins do, I mean she is burning at least 16 to 24 hours a day processing cycles and giving us updates. She had to train 2 more admins to help prepare for the Tsunami of Santas, Elves and Reindeers we are about to drive through her straight line Christmas program.

You have a problem with recruiting don’t worry we got you.

You have a problem promoting, don’t worry we got you.

You have a problem staying committed to one program, don’t worry we got you.

We are soooo Confident that we will keep the fire hot and keep people interested over the next 60 days. Your online income is going to explode with this Team Building Project for the next 12 months to come.

Test us out for 60 days and if we don’t prove to you that it is possible to make $800 by Christmas. We will never call on you again to join us into another Team Building Project. That is my promise to each and everyone of you. The count down will begin on October 25, 2017.

Join us now:

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  1. Indeed, cash wave works as introduced above, i am glad i had been introduced to this straight line model, and i am happy to acknowledge that it works as promised, i have never seen a matrix before which came with that drive and cycle speed.

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