Shaving The Bases 2 Residual Income

Happy New Year Task Force Echo!

I have been saving this blog post for quite some time. I was experiencing writers block as I usually do when pressured to come through with a strategy to help you move forward in your online business. But as they say pressure burst pipes.

Well I am happy to report that the pressure didn’t overwhelm me as much as the confused questions I get on a daily basis. That means that I as a Leader have to start looking in the mirror and can’t blame anyone else but myself. Therefore I am picking up the mantle for 2018, taking back all Team Leader responsibilities from the person you are currently working with and even your sponsor at this moment can’t lead you without my approval.

I am going to take full responsibility for your income over the next 90 days micromanaging your progress. However on your part there has to be some rules to help keep you committed and focus with Task Force Echo so you are not wasting my time and I am sure not going to waste yours.

I don’t know if you are familiar with baseball but I have been a fan of the Atlanta Braves professional baseball team here in America since around 1980. My grandfather may God rest his soul was a huge fan of the Atlanta Braves across the seas on a small island called St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.

We were one of the first families to have a television in our neighborhood and people will come over to watch 4 things. Kung Fu movies, Wrestling, John Wayne or Charles Bronson movies and of course Atlanta Braves Baseball.

The last one was a gimmie when my Grandfather came home from work. He took control of the television when the Braves game was on.

The Braves Manager always had a daily duty to put his players into a batting line up of 9 players. I won’t get into the whole story of  how this take place and how its formulated. But I will share with you as a team member that I have figured out 9 programs that you need to build your online income.

I am going to lead you through these programs step by step personally and you won’t overspend what your budget has to offer to your online business.

My Batting Line Up Order goes like this:

  1. Pays4Ever
  2. Cash Wave
  3. Leased Ad Space
  4. All In One Profits
  5. Referral Frenzy
  6. SixSigmaSocial
  7. vTrafficRush
  8. Conversionsurf
  9. Referral Builder Elite

These programs are going to help me navigate you into the right direction to having success within  your online business. We are going to “Shave the Bases” to online earning using the game that share a space in my heart in memory of my grandfather.

My grandfather often refer to himself as “The Prince of the Caribbean” because he love our small island so much and the surrounding beautiful aqua blue waters. That I took time out right now here at 4:14 am in the morning to share whats on my heart with our Task Force Echo Team.

On this journey I want you to keep a few things in mind.

  1. This is a marathon and not a sprint – A Baseball game last for 9 Innings so think of each programs as an inning you surpass moving towards victory at the end.
  2. Just like baseball, your online business has to have a strategy to win the game. Using the right formula, investing time to learn your craft and taking time out to work both in and on your online business.
  3. Often times baseball players seek advise from their Manager or Coach. Consider me your Coach and seek to speak with me on a weekly basis. You will get your statistics reports, tips and Coaching videos. But if you don’t show up to practice then how will you get better when its game time?
  4. These chosen programs are used to build both passive and residual income. If you can’t afford to move onto the next one due to lack of referrals. Contact me and lets get you in position to earn referrals but it will cost you 500 hits weekly to stay in the “Batting LineUP”.
  5. Communication is the key….You got to stay in communication with your sponsor, your developing Team Leader and of course Coach Kris. Guidance, training and using our recommend resources will play a vital part in you building your list and promoting to others using the chosen programs.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level. Then fill out this form to apply for our new micro manage your business position with TeamEchoMoneyMachine. Please use your best email address and look out for an email from me to invite you for an interview chat to help you get started.

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