Quick Start Partner Team Elite Home Business

To start with your Quickstart business you need three sites to work with.

1. Team Elite Home Businesses = TEHB. Upgrade to least Gold when ready
for more than 50 leads.
2. TrafficAdBar = TAB. Free is fine
3. TheDownliner. At least the $10 membership.

“Shows a button or link to click”
Youtube video.

Fill in your referral ids at “My Personal Info”
Most important those for your TAB and TheDownliner.
Now for some work and we start at “HOME”:

1. “Edit Autoresponder”
See that the series The SuperNet Messages are at the top where it says My Preview Messages.
If not, at the bottom click, “Load All TheSuperNet Messages”
2. “Home”
3. “Capture Pages” TheDownliner, close to the bottom.
Click “Edit Page” on the page you like to promote.
Click “Settings (Basic)
Contact Group = TheSuperNet
Click “Save Changes”
This page is now connected to the AutoResponder The SuperNet messages.
4. Go back to “Capture Pages” TheDownliner, close to the bottom.
Click the picture on the page you edited.
It shows up in a new window.
Copy that link and save it. That’s the link you will promote for the QuickStart.

1. Go to “Websites”, then “Your Websites”
2. Add the link you saved from TEHB.
3. This will create a cloaked link like this: trafficadbar.com/_ajyl
4. Save that link.
5. Go to TEHB, then “My Personal Info”
Paste the TAB link in the field “Redirect URL”
“Save Changes”

At TheDownliner
1. At the top “Advertising”
2. “Manage text ads”
3. Create some catchy ads for the points you have there.
4. The link you promote in them is the TAB link which shows your newly created and edited TEHB link.

That’s the very basic of the Quickstart. You can use other pages at TEHB and edit your autoresponder messages. This can be done when you got a basic understanding and hang off the Quickstart system.

Now click on TAB for earning credits and points and if you like put that TAB link in those traffic exchanges that permits TAB links.

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