Join Our Pays4Ever Skype Room

Today as we reset our goals for Task Force Echo Pays4Ever Team Building Project. We stand at 42 team mates who received team tracking links. Twenty (24) team mates who are communicating through our skype chat room in order to hear tips and strategies towards driving traffic to their team link.

We always ask that each team mate promote 60% their personal link using banner and text ads within Traffic Exchanges and Safelist or Mailers. Then use the other 40% to promote the Team Building link towards their 500 plus hits.

But why stop at just 500 hits when you can produce 1000 hits per team member. If you are lacking training on how to produce 500 hits weekly then why are you not in our Skype Team room learning from our Coach and the other Team Leaders of this Project.

We want you to know that our training is more than just about Pays4Ever. It is about our Fast Track System to helping you build 5 steams of income with Task Force Echo. Keep in touch for updates from Coach Kris Ellis blog at

Plug into our training and learn how to build your online business through building a team.

We all have Eighteen thousand Eight hundred on the line. Why don’t we all work together as a team to attain this passive income to build our online business.

Invite someone from your team to join our chat room today…Lets get the word out

Join our Skype Chat!

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