January Team Building Recap

Its February already as we continue to promote our Pays4Ever Team Building Project to let people know across the industry recognize we mean business. We had an increase in team mates and increase in production overall. A few people with old accounts emailed in after waking  up from slumber. We took care of them by re-enrolling them into our present Active Member program with Pays4Ever.

No one is active in the old accounts and you don’t want to just send money to a non active participant who is not going to answer your email or even have the fortitude to approve your upgrade. This is why we requested everyone to start a new Pays4Ever account under an Active Team member who will build with us and we will fire (replace) all members who go in-active by emailing the owner if we have too.

Commissions are on the line to earning our way from Pays4Ever into All In One Profits where your income start to become stable with the promise of 4 Referrals. However to keep the factory full with fresh prospects we all need to promote for over 500 hit counts per team mate. By accomplishing over 200,000 to 300,000 hits into our team rotator. You will start to see your business grow with 4 Referrals each.

Congratulations to the following Top Hit Count producers at the End of January.  Click Here for Statistics

  1. Christian Moen
  2. Charles McClure
  3. Richard Uriegas
  4. Elize Martin
  5. Dave Kanofsky
  6. Richard Smyth
  7. Alistair Allycat
  8. Jodie Colby
  9. David Hodges
  10. Fred Flack

The end of February tested some of our team mates who just wanted to join and earn referrals. You will earn spillover but it will not take your business to the next level. Everyone participates in building the entire team by doing their 500 plus hits to gain their 4 referrals. Those 4 Referrals will help you “Shave Our Income Basses” to our nine stream of incomes with Task Force Echo.

At the end of the day you are just cheating yourself and our team will move forward. For those that need help in producing their 500 hits. Stay tune for our upcoming content training within Echo Traffic Club and Great Bitcoin Strategies.

Give your income a boost by logging into your back office and joining us into Infinity List Builders Team Building Project. Investment $3.00 monthly subscription.

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