AIOP Task Force Echo 9/30/2017

Hello Everyone!
I am going to repeat last week’s news, because ETC has been launched with a big BOOM.
We are now at  176 members strong.
From last week:
The big news this week is that Task Force Echo (TFE) has launched the new site called Echo Traffic Club (ETC).
This purpose of this site is to give our team help in traffic generation and training especially for AIOP but also for the other programs that TFE has in it’s list.
Check with your sponsor or upline for their join link to Echo Traffic Club so we can keep the sponsor integrity correct as much as possible.  But if your upline is not communicating, contact me for the correct link to join.
There is no cost to join and because you are a member of AIOP, you will be given a free one year upgrade to the PRO1 level which will give you access to more Downline Builders (DLB’s).
If you have already joined great.  If not, ask your sponsor in AIOP or the other TFE programs if they are members of ETC because you want to join.  if your sponsor doesn’t respond, contact us teamechomarketing (@) gmail (dot) com and I will help you find the right person to join under.
We had 16 subsribers to our Autoresponders and one (1) subscriber joined the teams from that activity.  We did have 7 other members join from personal advertising.

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