AIOP Team Echo Newsletter 10/07/2017

Hello Everyone!
​I hope everyone had a good week.  As a team we didn’t do too badly with 16 new members for the week and only 13 subscribers to the Team Autoresponders that I know of.  Of course with the Autoresponders that some of the leaders have set up,  I don’t get notifications of all the subscribers.
Speaking of that,  I have set up an instruction PDF on how to set up your own team campaign if you have 3 or 4 members in your down-line and want to step into a leadership role.
1.  I will still send out welcome messages to the new people.  All you have to do is tell me about them before they start hounding me for there start up info.  When you tell me about them, I need name, username, email, sponsor and if they have been passed up to your sponsor.  All that information is the the “Show Referrals” and “Show Downlines” in your back office.
If you don’t have downline in AIOP yet keep advertising the team url you have been given and also advertise the links in your personal campaign that you load from the instructions  those people will come directly into your personal business and this weeks people show that a good percentage of the new people coming into our team are from personal campaign activity.
Again,  be sure to inform me of the new team mates so I can send the the information. Email me a screen shot.
Contact Team Captain Dave F. at dcfullmer1937 (at) gmail(dot)com

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