Triple Play System

Thank you very much for visiting TASK FORCE ECHO website.

Task Force Echo is a team of diversified, goal oriented team members from around the world who all have the same goal of earning a very lucrative monthly residual online income together as a team.

System 1

Our First program up to bat for our Triple Play System that will help you sustain your residual income will be All In One Profits (AIOP).

It is all about MULTIPLYING TO INFINITY wide and deep! Not with 1, 2, or 4 but… x INFINITY ! The potential is HUGE!

  • Cost $10 each month (+$1.5 processing fee) for professional web hosting and autoresponder, plus other great tools.
  • $10 per BASIC member in your downline
  • 100% commission payout from your level of membership
  • $10 per PRO referral in your downline
  • Break even with your first referral (membership cost is covered)
  • Unlimited  number of referrals in depth and width
  • Unlimited income
  • Daily/hourly  payouts


System 2

A very simple and affordable website strictly designed for list building. Some members have a hard time investing money because they have been cheated so badly over the years.  By having a very affordable site of only $3 per month with a commissions pay out of $1.25 per active member. Those members that are skeptical about investing online but still want to take a chance has an opportunity to make some kind of income. And the more the stay with this program the more income they will make per month because of it’s viral recurring growth.

Every member that joins has to complete registration which is $3 per month. You get
get paid 42% commission ($1.25) for each sale. And This is every month so you are building residual income. No other List Building service can you get for that price and earn every month.
10 person team = $12.50 per month,
50 person team = $62.50 per month,
100 person team = $125.00 per month,
500 person team = $625.00 per month,
1000 person team = $1250 per month
System 3

There are two steps that you have to take to join TASK FORCE ECHO Coinpressions Division and to start earning a residual income with the support of your team:

  1. Open an account with Coinpressions
  2. Email teamechomarketing (at) gmail dot com for a Team Promotion Link

Coinpressions is an advertising platform that has been newly launched to the online market. You can use it to promote any opportunity, service, and product you want to promote. The advertising network is already delivering hundreds of thousands of ad impressions a day and that number just continues to climb. There is no clicking or surfing required on your side, though.

At the same time, Coinpressions provides an excellent opportunity to make money fast but and continuously.

Task Force Echo Coinpressions Division will help you to get into profits fast and without any personal referral, as your level 1 will be filled with spillover from your up-line. Then you will receive all the training you need to become a Task Force Echo Team Leader yourself.

You also receive an email with further information about this very unique opportunity. If you used an email other than Gmail, you might not receive it. Please check your spam folder. If you cannot find the message, please contact me, Coach Kris Ellis, directly on Skype ‘mrinfinity72’.

Please read my message carefully and if anything is not absolutely clear to you, be sure to contact me so I can answer your questions. Our system works in such a way as to prevent wasted space in your 3 x 10 forced matrix.

Thanks again. Hope to hear from you soon