Here is the plan. I will show you what to do, where to do it, how to set things up, provide encouragement and keep you on track. You will follow this basic plan. Bare in mind that while this looks simple, and in a way it is, when you dig into the details, it is not as simple as it appears. There is learning, stress, overcoming fears and a humongous amount of persistence. I will promise you it will take three months just to start to see results begin.And one year before those results start to snow ball into something that is hard to believe at the third month.

ANYWAY….. the plan at a basic level.

This initial money maker we will use during the Mission I call list building and leverage money phase, costs an investment of only $3.75. The site being used is Ads Explosion. This site is an advertising site. The owner has some good training and even has detailed out how to earn the money to fund the weekly payment plus advertising money. Follow my suggestions, and you will earn the $15.00 per month you require to fund this entire project.

For the second part you need to build a list.

I use All In One Profits. It is an $11.50 investment to join. It works. Does the job.

You can use any site you want. If you want a free option I can give them to you, like Send Pulse. If you have free options, that is fine, so long as the emails reach the list members.

All in One Profits delivers.

We already have a decent lead capture page so you can promote as quickly as possible.

We will work together to write your emails each week.

Then you promote.

When you have money I strongly suggest you use it to get Referral Frenzy.

Other than that, you can click in traffic exchanges for credits, use safe-lists, or anything that makes sense.

The main point is that every day your lead capture page gets as many hits as possible.

The number of hits is hard to dictate because each method produces different hit number per result.

But if you spend at least one hour a day clicking for credits and have your advertising budget being used in Leased Ad Space and 1ProfitRing, you will build a list.

Then you talk to your list.

You can do it all via your emails.

When you have a few active people you can advance to starting a Facebook group, or maybe a site with blog posts, or a private forum.

How you talk to people is your call, but the key is talking to the people you find at least three times a week.

Things happen.

Over time you will find people who sign up to Ads Explosion, money will start coming back to you every month, then every week.

The goal for Mission I is to have about ten personal sign ups to Ads Explosion with all ten recruiting and list building.

When those things are happening you will be taken to the next Mission that will lead you to the paying for a $100 per month program and have it funded through the earnings from this phase and the next.

If this sounds good to you, email me at teamechomarketing at gmail dot com and put in the subject TaskForceEcho Member.